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Early Learning Assessment

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and Job and Family Services (ODJFS) are pleased to introduce Ohio’s new Early Learning Assessment (ELA). The ELA is the formative assessment component of Ohio’s comprehensive early childhood assessment system called Ready for Kindergarten.

Currently, programs receiving Early Childhood Education (ECE) grant funding and Preschool Special Education programs, are required to use the paper version of the ELA’s 10-Required Learning Progressions for preschool-age children. However, any Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) 3-5 star rated program may attend an ELA training and use the assessment following successful completion of the training. Teachers can use the ELA to improve children’s learning experiences and support their growth and development in an early childhood setting.

Beginning Fall 2017, all 3-5 star-rated programs will be required to complete the ELA’s 10-Required Learning Progressions for all preschool-age children.

In the future, all programs that serve preschool-age children, will have the opportunity to use the ELA.

Detailed information for both ODE and ODJFS licensed programs can be found at http://education.ohio.gov/earlylearningassessment. The information includes implementation timelines, required and optional users, professional development requirements, technology updates and family resources.