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Professional Development

Twenty hours of Ohio Approved specialized training is required to be completed by administrators, lead and assistance teachers every two years for programs participating in Step Up To Quality. For programs that are applying for an initial star rating, all administrators, lead and assistant teachers who have been employed for twelve or more months, need to have a completed ten hours of approved specialized training prior to the initial rating being awarded.

Ohio Approved Professional Development – The Ohio Approved designation represents the state's consolidated professional development approval process and is minimally accepted for the Ohio Department of Education's Early Learning and School Readiness, the Ohio Department of Health's Help Me Grow and the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services' Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) approval processes. Agencies will continue to set agency–specific credential requirements. Certain professional development offerings may not receive the Ohio Approved designation, yet may be accepted by the credentialing agency.

Please note that professional development designated as SUTQ, ODE PD or Help Me Grow approved prior to the implementation of the Ohio Approved designation will continue to meet those program specific requirements.



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