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Core Elements

Core Elements of Ohio's Early Childhood System

Ohio's Early Childhood Development System is comprised of the following elements:


Ohio's governance and administrative structures have the authority and responsibility to oversee, implement and coordinate state–funded or state-administered early childhood programs and services for children and their families.


High quality, family-centered programs and supports are available, acceptable, accessible and affordable within communities.

Quality Standards

Early childhood development standards for all professionals, programs and services promote the optimal development and learning of young children.

Accountability (data and evaluation)

Ohio's early childhood development accountability system collects child and program data needed to inform policy, assess program effectiveness, insure investments are used wisely, enhance professional practices, and link to other data systems and evaluation efforts (e.g., K–12, Medicaid).


Ohio's financing system provides stable funding that is sufficient to support and sustain services and quality enhancements required for an effective, coherent, equitable early childhood development system.


Families and communities have access to information regarding the services and supports available to promote the healthy development of children and families.


Ohio's regulations for early childhood development programs and professionals promote the protection and healthy development of young children.

Professional Development

Ohio's early childhood development professionals access professional development opportunities and ongoing supports that build their knowledge, competencies and skills for supporting expectant mothers, children and families.